Our flagship product, whose forerunner we are in Poland and whose base of suppliers we have been creating and extending year on year, is Saskatoon.

  • Saskatoon fruits contain high levels of anthocyanins with antioxidant properties, which makes them support the body’s defense against the development of cancer cells.

  • Saskatoon fruits are used prophylactically and therapeutically in atherosclerosis.

  • They are also an excellent source of many vitamins.

  • Juice from Saskatoon fruits is also used in medicine as an excellent gargling remedy.

  • The mixture of juice from Saskatoon fruits and juice from apples or pears is a nutritional and therapeutic drink with astringent properties.

  • Saskatoon fruits also prove to be excellent in the food industry as inserts to yoghurts and in confectionery as inserts to the bakery products.

  • From fresh fruits we prepare for you delicious and healthy jams, mousses and compotes.